Jason Robinson

"Wildly spontaneous."
-Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times
"[A] potent improviser."
-Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes Magazine
"[R]ugged and scintillating."
-Nate Chinen, New York Times
"[O]ne of the most respected soloists and bandleaders in jazz's experimental wing."
-Ron Wynn, JazzTimes Magazine
"Robinson is capable of merging both past and present jazz idioms, while creating a cultural bridge that spans both coasts."
-Robbie Gershon, Audiophile Audition
"Robinson's music is conceived and constructed with both historical perspective and a doorway to the future as often innovative free jazz is infused with vestiges of tradition."
-Mike Reynolds, Musikreviews.com
"Robinson's compositions manage to draw a straight line through bop, Duke Ellington, Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy straight into the modern day with acute-angle swing, blues bluster and memorable themes that seem to scratch at the back of the mind with familiarity without resorting to quotation or imitation."
-Shaun Brady, DownBeat Magazine




Summer 2014 - Prague, Groundation, Romania, and more

Jason begins summer 2014 with a month in Europe, traveling through Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic for research and performances. He joins his partner Steph Robinson (aka sroM) in Romania for the debut of Steph's musical (written in collaboration with Ted Shank) Serena in X-tremis at the Hungarian National Theater of Cluj, Romania, visits friends and finishes a writing projct in Bern, Switzerland, and gives a talk at the VS Interpretation Festival and Symposium in Prague. While in Prague, Jason also performs three concerts with the Marek Novotný Quintet.

After returning to the US, Jason joins his friends in Groundation for several US northeast (and Montreal) dates of the Coming Home Tour.

Details about peformances available here.


Jason Robinson - Tiresian Symmetry

Latest release: Jason Robinson, Tiresian Symmetry (Cuneiform Records)

Continuing his ongoing partnership with Cuneiform Records, Tiresian Symmetry is Jason's seventh album as a leader. An expanded version of his Janus Ensemble, the album features a series of compositions for an unorthodox nine-piece ensemble inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Tiresias and the music of Henry Threadgill in the 1990s. The group features Robinson (tenor sax, soprano sax, alto flute), JD Parran (alto clarinet, contra bass clarinet, tenor sax), Marty Ehrlich (alto sax, bass clarinet, c flute), Bill Lowe (tuba, bass trombone), Marcus Rojas (tuba), Liberty Ellman (guitar), Drew Gress (bass), George Schuller (drums), and Ches Smith (drums, glockenspiel). Five concert dates in the US Northeast and Montreal now announced - click here.

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Reviews of Tiresian Symmetry

Many thanks to all of those dedicating print and pixel space to the latest album. Here's a sampling:

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About Jason Robinson

The music of American saxophonist and scholar Jason Robinson thrives in the fertile overlaps between improvisation and composition, acoustic music and electronics, tradition and experimentalism. Initially a devotee of post-1960s jazz and creative music, Robinsonís music is a modern amalgam of cutting-edge trends in jazz practice and electroacoustic music. Robinson is a critically acclaimed distinct voice in a new generation of creative musicians in equal dialogue with jazz, popular music, experimental music, and electronic music. Fall 2010 marked a watershed in Robinsonís output as a leader. He released three concurrent albums showcasing an enormous breadth of creative work, including The Two Faces of Janus (Cuneiform), featuring a New York-based ensemble that includes Drew Gress, Liberty Ellman, George Schuller, Marty Ehrlich and Rudresh Mahanthappa; Cerulean Landscape (Clean Feed), featuring the long time collaboration of Robinson and acclaimed pianist and composer Anthony Davis; and Cerberus Reigning (Accretions), the much anticipated second installment of the ďCerberusĒ trilogy, featuring Robinsonís solo electroacoustic music. He performs regularly as a soloist (acoustically and with electronics), with his group the Janus Ensemble, and in a variety of collaborative contexts. He has performed at festivals and prominent venues in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe and/or recorded with Peter Kowald, George Lewis, Anthony Davis, Drew Gress, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Marty Ehrlich, Eugene Chadbourne, Earl Howard, Toots and the Maytals, Groundation, Bertram Turetzky, Mark Dresser, John Russell, Roger Turner, Gerry Hemingway, Kei Akagi, Mel Graves, Liberty Ellman, Babatunde Lea, Mel Martin, Marco Eneidi, Lisle Ellis, Raphe Malik, Mike Wofford, Philip Gelb, J.D. Parran, Dana Reason, David Borgo, Contemporary Jazz Orchestra (at Pearl's, San Francisco), the La Jolla Symphony, SONOR (UCSD), and the San Francisco Mime Troupe, among others. As a scholar, Robinsonís work unpacks the relationship between improvised and popular musics, experimentalism, and cultural identity. He has published articles and reviews in Ethnomusicology, Jazz Perspectives, and Critical Studies in Improvisation/ …tudes critiques en improvisation. Robinson is an Assistant Professor of Music at Amherst College and holds a Ph.D. in Music from the University of California, San Diego. A West Coast transplant now living in New England, he is married to Stephanie Robinson, an acclaimed performer, composer, and electronic musician.